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2021 Whirlwind FAQs


  1. Why register now?

By registering early, you help us see how many swimmers we can expect to have for the 2021 season. This will allow us to appropriately recruit coaches, create our plans and purchase supplies

  1. Will I have a chance to review your procedures for the 2021 swim team before I am charged?

Absolutely! We understand how stressful the last year has been, and how important it is to feel confident in any activity you are choosing to take part in for yourself and your family.We will have all of our plans live at least one week prior to the date fees for swim team are due, and we will be posting more about them throughout the next couple of months as the season takes shape.

  1. Will there be COVID specific procedures?

Yes.We are looking at everything that we did last summer, everything that year round teams have been doing this past year, and all of the best practices out there to figure out the safest way to run this.

  1. Can you give us some examples?

Sure! Coaches will be masked at all times (yep, even in the water.We have plans for that).Kids will be required to be masked when entering, exiting, using the bathroom, or doing anything that is not getting in to the pool, swimming in the pool, getting out of the pool…you know, pool stuff). Kids will be broken into groups to ensure smaller ratios, the workouts will be planned so that kids have ample space in between one another, families will have to fill out a screening app each morning before the swimmer can come to practice, and so on.These are just the start of our plans and we are committed to making this the safest and awesomest season possible!

  1. Are we able to register now and withdraw when the season is closer without penalty?

You can absolutely register now and withdraw anytime before April 23rd without penalty.Once fees have been charged all refund policies are in place, but up until April 22nd there will be no fees charged.

  1. When will you be able to tell us more?  

We are working on plans now, and we will keep you updated on them as soon as we have more information to work off of.We are happy to answer any questions to the best of our ability, but we don’t want to promise anything until we are sure of what the season is going to hold.

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Want to be a part of the legendary Woodcroft Whirlwinds?

To participate, children must be able to swim the length of the pool independently by the end of the second week of practice.  The swimmer’s age as of June 1, 2021 will determine the correct age group for the season.  All swimmers will be evaluated in the first two weeks of practice to determine their swim level based on American Red Cross standards.  For new swimmers this two weeks is a trial period for you and your child to determine if swim team is right for you. Registration is live for the 2021 season at the link below:


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