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We offer four ability levels to choose from for morning or afternoon sessions available. One session consists of eight lessons over two consecutive weeks.  Lessons are typically held Monday-Thursday with Friday being a weather make-up day. Group lessons are for ages 3 and over.  Please see the group lesson form for specific times and dates the classes are offered.agraph. Double-click to edit. This is a paragraph. Double-click to edit.

Private lessons allow the participant to work at a personalized level to achieve swim goals.


Private lessons are good way to help swimmers focus on a particular skill or to help overcome a fear of the water. 


The instructor works one-on-one with participant at times convenient for both parties.  These lessons are designed for any age, from getting an infant comfortable in the water to teaching basic or masters swimming to adults.  

Woodcroft Club’s swim lessons are designed to teach children and adults water safety, water skills, and stroke technique.  Instructors follow course outlines established by the American Red Cross Water Safety program. 

Group and Private lessons are open to Members and Non-Members.






Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

Level 1 (Starfish): Water exploration begins here! This level is for children who are ready to learn basic swimming skills in a group setting. We will be practicing flutter kicks, blowing bubbles, assisted floating and basic arm motions. The main goal for this group is to break down the barriers of swim related apprehension. Our hopes are that your child will leave this group with a knowledge of water safety and the purpose of lifeguards, the ability to kick, assisted float and the comfort of submerging ears, mouth, nose and face into the water for any brief amount of time.

Level 2 (Jellyfish): Children at this level will explore deeper into floating skills and making forward progress in the water. New skills such as gliding, rotary arm movement, breath holding and bobbing will be introduced during this session. The end goal for this group will be to see any amount of unassisted forward progress, the ability to roll from a front to back float and vise-versa, and the beginnings of unassisted floating.
*Children should already be comfortable in the water and able to submerge their head for any amount of time before entering this class.

Level 3 (Fish): Swimmers will reach new heights during this level, given that they have built up a substantial amount of confidence in the water. Instructors will be honing in on technique for freestyle and backstroke skills as well as introducing new skills like a kneeling dive in deep water. The goal for this group is leave with the ability to swim freestyle and backstroke past the flags to an instructor, tread water for at least 15 seconds, and lay ground work for rotary breathing.
*Children should be comfortable with the idea of unassisted floating before entering this class

Level 4 (Flying Fish): Hold your breath, you’re almost at the top of your game! In Flying Fish, we will be perfecting our technique with freestyle, backstroke, bilateral breathing and streamlines. Up to this point, breastroke has not been a main focus, due to its level of technical difficulty. However, in this group, we learn the fundamentals of breastoke by breaking down both the kick and pull. By the end of the session, swimmers should be able to swim freestyle and backstroke 15 yards, tread water for 30 seconds and perform a standing dive in deep water.
*Children should have basic freestyle and backstroke skills already in place upon entering this group


Private Swim Lessons