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Below you will find the most up-to-date information regarding the Club's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please contact with any questions.

















2021 Covid Update


We are proud to say that our COVID 19 response allowed us to be open for all of the 2020 season, and that we were able to safely operate with no issues!


Here is what our members had to say about the summer of 2020:

“The pool was the only public place I felt completely safe”

“It saved our summer”

“Our family is so grateful for the escape that the pool provided”


We were thrilled to be able to provide a safe place were people could relax and enjoy themselves, and we are committed to continuing this in 2021. 


The summer will start with restricted access due to the continuing pandemic and state requirements that are still in place.  We will publish all of our COVID procedures by mid April, but some common questions are answered below.




  1. Will there be restrictions on pool attendance for summer of 2021?

Yes.  The state is still requiring that we have 6 ft of social distance between groups, and anyone who has seen the slide steps on a normal Saturday knows that if we are at full capacity we don't have that much space. You will be able to come to the pool daily, we will just be limiting the number of people by time block to ensure enough spacing.

  1. If restrictions are in place, will the summer function the same as summer 2020?

No.  If the need for restrictions is still in place come summer, we will continue to offer a safe and comfortable location for you to have a relaxing time with one another, but we will apply changes to this summer to allow for more pool time for everyone and more flexibility in choosing when you can come to the pool.

  1. If restrictions are imposed will guests be allowed this summer?

Yes.  We have a plan for that.

  1. If restrictions are imposed will gazebo rentals be allowed to happen?

Yes.  We also have a plan for that. 

  1. Is swim team going to happen this summer?

Yes! Registration is open now and no matter what we will have a swim team this summer. 

  1. How about swim lessons?

Yes once again! Swim lesson forms are already on the website if you would like to get a jump on scheduling them, and we can’t wait to see people poolside!

  1. Why not share your plans for the summer now?

We are finalizing everything and want to make sure that we have it all well articulated and planned before we put it out into the world.  We will be sending info to all of our members in the next couple of weeks, and we will update the website once we do so.  Please feel free to contact the office at 919.489.7705 if you have a specific question you need answered now, and we will be happy to help! 



We are very excited to see you all again and we can not wait to be poolside with you once more! 





Below are the procedures and rules from 2020 that we are basing our 2021 plans on.  These will give you the framework of what we did last summer, and how we are approaching our plans for the comming season.  



Click Here for POOL SCHEDULE (Through September 20th) 

Some general reminders on pool rules:

  • Do not come to the pool unless it is your group’s day/time, you will be asked to leave if you are not in the group for that day & time

  • Do not bring guests to the pool

  • Please enter going down the ramp to the pool, exit going up the stairs

  • Please wear a face mask when entering the pool deck, exiting the pool deck, if you have to go in the bathhouse and any other time social distancing is not possible.

  • Please bring as little as possible to the pool.

  • No shared toys, no floats other than lifejackets and puddle jumpers

  • Please wait six feet apart from other groups while waiting to check in.  The pavement has been marked to assist you.

  • Do not hand anything to the staff, check in will be done verbally

  • Only sit with your group

  • Do not move pool furniture

  • Payment for snackbar will only be on account.  Please make sure you have a form of payment on file with the office. 

  • When the long whistle is blown to clear the pool, please leave quickly and orderly so we can clean and get the next group in


Woodcroft Update 5.20.20




Durham has announced that pools can open as of 5pm June 1st.  We expect that Durham will follow Governor Cooper’s phase two directive of 50% capacity and are planning accordingly.  We will plan to open June 2nd at 6am for lap swimming and we are so excited to see you all soon!!!! 

We are finalizing the groups that members will be placed in to comply with the 50% capacity rule, and we will publish them tomorrow along with the schedule for June as to when each group is allowed to come to the pool. 

We will also be sending out more information about procedure reminders and other FAQ info next week. 
We can not put into words how excited we are that we are going to get to see you all poolside soon, and we’re thrilled to say ONLY 12 DAYS UNTIL OPENING!!!!!!!!!


Mike, Jess and Millie 






Woodcroft Update 5.14.20

Happy Thursday to you all,
As we get closer to phase two of NC’s reopening efforts, we wanted to communicate what we have planned for pool procedures when the pool is allowed to open.  Our plan has been created through careful research, communication with other aquatics facilities, and our knowledge of how our facility runs.  We also formed an advisory board of members to run our procedures and ideas past in order to make sure that members’ input was being taken into account and that we didn’t miss anything. 

The pool procedures can be found in the link at the bottom of this email.  They will continue to evolve as we learn more and update best practices but  will guide us at the beginning of the season.  We know that this is a lot to read, so we will also be sending out updates next week that highlight a different part of the pool experience and how the procedures will work. 
We also want to take a moment and explain how we will limit pool capacity once we are given the percentage that we need to hit. 

After discussion with the advisory board we have decided that the best way to break up groups is the following:

For the first two weeks groups will be determined by last name, with the last name of the primary person on the account being the one that determines the group.  A schedule will be published that will show when your group is scheduled to come to the pool on a given day, and that will be the time that you are allowed to come swim.

After two weeks if you would like to switch to a different group, you will be allowed to make a request. The office will see if it is possible while maintaining the appropriate numbers.  The hope is that as the summer goes on, we will be able to enlarge the groups and allow for more swim time for everyone. We are not able to publish the groups yet, because we have not been given the guidelines we must follow from the state.  As soon as we have that guidance, we will publish the groups and the schedule of usage. 

We recognize that this is not ideal, but it is the best option we have to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to use the facility. 

                                                                 Pool Safety Procedure 



COVID-19 Info